Executive Position Openings

As SAB prepares for a new year and former leaders are sent off to live their lives, the club will need successors to fill their roles. This means that leadership opportunities for executive positions will be opening up!

The three major positions that will be available are the President, Vice President of Operations, and Technical Vice President. The president is responsible for helping the club run smoothly, including managing each subteam, aiding the setup of outreach events, and working with the treasurer to budget money and purchase supplies. The Vice President of Operations manages outreach to local schools, marketing, and new member recruitment. The Technical Vice President oversees the technical projects, including the Zenith, Pro-Composites aircraft, Engine Team, and Design Team. If you are interested in any of these positions, a sign-up form for VP Ops can be found here, and the others will be sent out shortly via the SAB email. There will also be subteam positions available, and for more information you can email the respective lead from the Officer Bios page.

The application process will begin with an online application followed by a short interview with one or more exec members. Then, selected members will prepare a one minute pitch describing why they best fit the position. The executive board will vote on the person best suited for the job, and the new SAB leaders will be chosen! The positions described above do not require you to be an “expert” in the area, so do not hesitate to apply if you would like a leadership role and believe you are a good fit. After selecting the successors for each role, the rest of the spring semester will be spent training them and answering questions so they are ready to hit the ground running come fall semester.

The plan is for the new exec members to all be chosen by the end of March. Because the previous VP of Operations graduated in the fall, the position will be filled sooner. The application comes out on Sunday 2/5 and is due on 2/12. The interviews for that position will be done by the end of February with the replacement determined by spring break. For the other positions, the replacements will be decided by the end of March, and and rest of the semester will be spent preparing them for a successful term. The subteam positions will have interviews, and the replacements will be chosen by the end of the school year.

If you have any questions, email Kevin Burns at kjburns2@illinois.edu.