2017 February Newsletter

February GM

The February GM will take place on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:00 PM in 106B1 Engineering Hall. It can be found on the SAB calendar on the home page. At the GM the next VP Ops will be voted in, so attend if you can!

EOH Sign-Up

EOH is just around the corner, which means we will need volunteers to man SAB’s stations. Your team lead should send out a link to the sign-up sheet sometime this week, and you are highly encouraged to work for at least an hour. And while you’re at it, you may as well sign up for 5 hours because it will be five times the fun!


Subteam Updates

Composites team-The Composites team has finished training three new builders and one foreman. They are currently working on the fiberglass layout for the seat.

Build Team- The build team has completed builder training and is currently working on the landing gear.

Design Team – The design team is working on a display for EOH. They are hoping to complete the CAD of the glider and have a 3D printed version to show. They are also looking at a flight simulator that will be displayed on a laptop.

Engine Team- The engine team has decided to buy a Lycoming plane engine instead of modifying the car engine.


Zipcar Competition

The video was submitted on Friday the 24! We will be waiting to hear back from it in the next few months.


Executive Positions

VP of Operations

The next VP Ops will be voted in at the next GM on Tuesday. Each candidate will give a 1-2 minute pitch, and then the whole team will decide who will take over the position.


President and Technical VP

For the President and Technical VP, the same election process will occur. Applications will go out near the end of March, and interviews will be held afterwards. Once the new president and VP get voted in, they will undergo training for the position until the end of the school year in May.


Subteam Leads

Emails will go out at the end of March or early April to each subteam with an application. Interviews will be held with each applicant, and then the chosen candidate will be appointed at the end of the interview process.