SAB Zenith Build Team FA22

Zenith Build Team was created back in 2013. In this team, the members work on making a real size airplanes. This is where you can get the most hands-on experience. The builders come and learn how to read and interpret aircraft kit blueprints in order to construct a full sized plane. The foremen watch over the builders in each session and help them through the construction.
The ultimate goal of the team is to construct a full-sized aircraft. We are currently building Zenith STOL CH 750, a full-sized (22 feet long and 30 foot wingspan) aluminum sheet metal aircraft. The forward and rear fuselage have been joined together into one piece, and one wing has been completed. The other wing and rudder are nearly finished.
As soon as the team finishes Zenith project this semester, they are looking forward to work on another aircraft, Sonex-B.