SAB was founded by friends as a fraternal effort. SAB is intended to be a friendly, social, and inspiring environment where students can come together with a passion for aviation.

We, college students, are building an airplane. How cool is that? Mistakes will be made, obstacles will be circumvented, but we are all learning together.

SAB welcomes novice. SAB is structured so that everyone is qualified. All that SAB asks is that a person comes into the organization ready to work, learn, and have fun. SAB was created so that students would have a chance to take on a hands-on project. What could be more hands-on than constructing an airplane?

Chloe Hettick


Chloe Hettick is the President of SAB. She is currently a senior in Aerospace Engineering. As a president, Chloe is in charge of overall management of the organization. Chloe is interested in composites and aerospace application of materials engineering. During her free time, Chloe likes to hang out with friends, make crafts and learn more about composite materials.

Margarita Kuzmanova

Vice President, Build Team Lead

Margarita is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and the Vice President for SAB, as well as the Build Team Lead. She is responsible for organizing Zenith STOL CH 750 build sessions, educating students on manufacturing procedures, creating and presenting flight theory, and temporarily leads the website management and outreach events. The prior experiences include being an aircraft mechanic assistant, an engineering intern and a bike mechanic. One day, she aspires to earn all required flight licenses and become an airline pilot. For now, she’ll have to stick to her 40+ hours in a Cessna 172 before she earns some $$$.

Bhumika Dutta

Composites Team Lead

Bhumika is a junior in Aerospace Engineering and the Composites Lead for SAB. She is responsible for organizing the Pro-Composites Vision Aircraft build sessions and educating students on working with composites materials and manufacturing procedures. Her prior experience includes working as an undergraduate researcher doing aerodynamic analysis.

Savannah Hubbs

Build Manager for the Zenith and Sonex project

Savannah is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and the Treasurer for SAB. She also serves as the Treasurer for WIA. She is from southern Illinois and loves hiking in the surrounding Shawnee National Forrest. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, and don’t give her good book suggestions or she will read it in one day.

Nikki Miziniak

Treasurer, Design Team Lead

Nikki is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and is the Membership Director, as well as SAB’s Engines Lead. Her prior experiences include an engineering intern at an R&D aerospace company and a Product Design & Definition intern at Collins Aerospace. During her free time she enjoys the arts, film and language learning.