SAB was founded by friends as a fraternal effort. SAB is intended to be a friendly, social, and inspiring environment where students can come together with a passion for aviation.

We, college students, are building an airplane. How cool is that? Mistakes will be made, obstacles will be circumvented, but we are all learning together.

SAB welcomes novice. SAB is structured so that everyone is qualified. All that SAB asks is that a person comes into the organization ready to work, learn, and have fun. SAB was created so that students would have a chance to take on a hands-on project. What could be more hands-on than constructing an airplane?


Bhumika Dutta


Bhumika is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and the President for SAB. As well as overseeing all parts of the club, she is responsible for monitoring the goals of SAB, outreach, supporting the technical leads, and more. She is also an undergraduate researcher for CHEETA at UIUC. In her free time, she loves listening to vinyl, longboarding, watching F1, and collecting SpongeBob memes.


Nikki Miziniak

Vice President

Nicole is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering and the Vice President of SAB. She is committed to fostering a supportive and enriching community for all members. Through her leadership and support, she aims to promote inclusivity, collaboration, and personal growth within the club and for our members. With a strong background in Aerospace, having worked at Collins Aerospace and Ingenium Aerospace over the course of three years, she brings valuable experience to contribute to the club’s success. Some of her other interests include digital media art and language learning. She looks forward to working closely with our team to create impactful initiatives and memorable experiences for our members.


Alex Roskov


Alex is a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering and is the Treasurer for SAB. He manages the organization’s finances and helps ensure the build projects are adequately funded. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he has a great interest in all things transportation whether it be aviation, rail or buses and wants to help make transportation a key part of a sustainable future. He also serves as the Treasurer for the AREMA Student Chapter at UIUC.


Joey Cao

Membership Director

Joey is the membership director for SAB and is a current sophomore in Aerospace Engineering. He is responsible for all membership-related affairs, and is also responsible for this website and the SAB Massmail. If you have ever used the message system on this website, it is very likely that he responded to your message! He is interested in all commercial aviation activities, whether it be airline operations, general aviation, or corporate travel. Beside the technical side of aerospace engineering, he also runs a one-man workshop designing liveries for aircrafts… virtually, though he wishes to expand it further in the future.


Jackson Risch

Zenith Build Team Lead

Jackson Risch is the Zenith Build Team Lead for SAB and a current junior in Aerospace Engineering. He is responsible for organizing Zenith STOL CH 750 build sessions and teaching members on manufacturing processes. This is his third year in SAB, and prior experience includes interning at an airline, learning more about aircraft structures and systems.



Katie Lee

Zenith Build Team Assistant

Katie is a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering and the Secretary, as well as the Zenith Assistant Lead. She is responsible for aiding the Zenith STOL CH 750 build sessions and note keeping during exec and tech project meetings. She also serves as the Treasurer for AIAA Student Chapter at UIUC. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, playing tennis, and exploring new places.


Megan Dickerson

Composites Team Lead
Megan Dickerson

Megan is the Composites Lead for SAB and a senior in Aerospace Engineering. She is responsible for guiding the Vision project and educating team members on various compositing processes. She is also minoring in Spanish, and has a proficiency for language learning. Outside of class, she enjoys creating art and working on cars.