A sketch of a Zenith CH750

The Zenith CH750 is a two-seat STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft designed by Zenith Aircraft Company. Designed with backcountry flyinging in mind, the CH750 is capable of taking off in 100 feet, and is capable of flying at the speed of 30 knots with flaps down. Combined with the high-lift devices and the (even standard) thick tires, the aircraft is ideal for unpaved runways and bush flying.

Built Zenith fuselage at Engineering Open House 2023

The aircraft kit was supplied by Zenith Aircraft Company. The kit was acquired by the founder of the RSO, and all the building sessions are done in our hangar at Willard Airport. So far, the main fuselage has been joined together, and the empannage and the right wing was nearly completed. The left wing, high-lift devices, the landing gear, the engine, and the interiors are yet to be finished, though parts of those components, especially the left wing, are already built.

The team is looking forward to completing the aircraft, and is planning to certify the aircraft for flight. Meanwhile, the team is also looking for people with similar interest, no matter their major or experience, to join the team to help taking the Zenith into the sky.