Prairie Aviation Museum: Blast from the Past

Chasing the last breeze of Autumn, several SAB members took a trip to Bloomington Central Illinois Regional Airport for a blast from the past, at Prairie Aviation Museum.

Prairie Aviation Museum is an all volunteer organization that has provided displays, static aircraft, education programs, and other aviation events for over 35 years. SAB members are fortunate enough to be able to tour the museum under the guidance of several veterans who shared their stories with the aircraft.

The display at the museum included several military aircraft, ranging from helicopters to fighters. Our members had a great time learning both the history of the jets and the design behind each model, from the automatically deployed slats on the A-4 Skyhawk to the primary and secondary control surfaces on the F-4 Phantom. And, of course, the unique variable-sweep wing F-14.

Along with the classic military jets, members also had the opportunity to explore two general aviation aircrafts, a Cessna 310 and an AeroCommander 680. Climbing into the cockpit of both aircraft gave a complete different perspective than the military jets. Flying low and slow can also be a unique experience!

The visit to Prairie Aviation Museum was a unique opportunity, and we are grateful for the thorough tour given by the volunteers at the museum. If you missed the tour, or if you would like to check out the museum again, please do consider visiting PAM’s website at! Thanks to everyone who came to the trip, and we look forward to the next social event!