Everyone is qualified.
SAB is structured so that people with any level of experience are able to participate in hands-on projects. SAB welcomes novice and has a robust training program for every technical sub-team. All that SAB asks is that a person come into the organization ready to work, learn, and have fun.

We love big ideas.
SAB projects have inspired countless students to develop and pursue innovative ideas. From a dynamic set of instructions to incorporating augmented reality into quality assurance, member ideas have expanded and enriched the SAB experience.

We are run by students, for students.
Because SAB is managed by students, members have an opportunity to develop a variety of skills. When a member masters the basics of a subteam, they have the opportunity to apply for a leadership position and develop management skills alongside technical skills. Leaders advocate for members that have the desire to take on more responsibility and create opportunities that meet the goals of the members.