Wing Night!

Come to Bros for 25 cent wings on Wednesday, February 21st at 9pm! It will be a fun way to kick back and relax. Everyone is welcomed to join and hope to see you there.

Engineering Open House

It's that time of year again! EOH is rapidly approaching, so if you would like to volunteer for SAB, please sign up here! We'll be bringing out the Zenith to display again, and we are fully stocked on candy for candy planes so it'll be lots of fun! Be sure to come out and support your fellow classmates and show off some of the work we've accomplished this year!

Sonex Tailkit Ordered

As SAB is finishing up the Zenith, it is time to begin a new project. The tailkit for SAB's next plane, the Sonex-B, has been ordered and should arrive soon! Construction on the new plane will begin in the Spring semester.

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