We are Students Building Airplanes.

About Student Aircraft Builders

We are an organization of cross-discipling students with a great diversity of skills and talents. We believe that everyone is qualified to help us in our mission, and we maintain that we are students lead by other students.

We love big ideas. SAB projects have inspired countless students to develop and pursue innovative ideas. From a dynamic set of instructions to incorporating augmented reality into quality assurance, member ideas have expanded and enriched the SAB experience.

In the end, SAB will provide opportunities for member growth by maximizing the learning potential of engineering projects, encouraging personal development, and creating a productive club atmosphere

SAB Projects

Student Aircraf Builders undertakes many projects at a time. Click the buttons below to learn more about our projects.

Our current primary project is the Zenith STOL CH 750. The Zenith boasts of a nearly 30 foot wingspan, nearly 22 feet in length, and a maximum flying speed of 125 miles per hour. Beginning the project in 2013, our goal is to finish the plane by the spring of 2016.

The flying glider is a project worked on by the design team. The team modified a Radian Glider to experiment with changing the materials of a smaller aircraft, such as replacing foam with composite and adding cameras while remaining functional.

Our newest large project is our construction of the Vision Composite Plane. This is our first experience in building a composite plane, so we are currently focusing on training members to handle working with composite materials efficiently.

SAB Members

With the amazing diversity and talent of the members of Student Aircraft Builders, it should not be a surprise that we have a diversity in work, too. Click on the buttons below to learn about some of the ways students participate in Student Aircraft Builders.

Build Team »

The Build Team is a core part of Student Aircraft Builders which currently is working on our Zenith aircraft. All members undergo a rigorous training process that provides them with the expertise and skills necessary to contribute to the build process. Our build team meets regularly at the local hangar to continue the build process. Contact with any more questions.

Design Team »

The Design Team's primary focus is on the construction of smaller aircraft and other aviation-related projects. Members are immersed in the design process, including aerodynamic analysis, computer aided design, and flight mechanics. The team recently completely modified an RTF glider, and it plans to design a solar-powered aircraft in the fall. Contact

Composite Team »

The Composite Team is responsible for the quality construction of the Pro-Composite Vision Aircraft. Members will gain knowledge and experience working with fiberglass and other composite materials. The team has already begun construction of the horizontal stabilizer, and they are working on the standardization of training and the build process. Contact with any more questions.

Project Management »

Project Management is responsible for interpreting factory instructions and technical drawings, and creating high quality instructions that streamline the build process. Members gain experience in process management, resource leveling, and technical writing. The team has already interpreted 196 pages of instructions for five main sections of the Zenith plane, with only 174 pages remaining. Contact with any more questions.

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